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About Owner & Founder Sallyanne

My story started as a senior at Nantucket High School, when one of my best friends and I used to sit in Music Theory class and draw ideas for our cosmetic line in our notebooks. At that time, in the 1980s, our focus was skin care and makeup. Needless to say, I barely passed Music Theory class. But I went onto pursue a 30+ year career in cosmetology & the fashion industry.

I graduated from cosmetology school in 1986 and managed a salon in Boston in 1987. It was there that I found my true passion for nail care, but still maintained a strong interest in skin care & cosmetics. 

While waiting for our skin care line to be bottled and arrive, the idea of adding a healthy, long-lasting vegan nail polish came. In the first year the nail polish ling far surpassed what we imagined and outsold our skincare line. In 2016 we focused on solely bringing just quality, luxury nail care to our clients and changed the name to Nantucket Nail Polish with our tag line "Got Polish".